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Souther Baptist Church PWC Vision



The Southern Baptist Church Praise and Worship Center is a church committed to a ministry of excellence. Week after week, this commitment is expressed in various ways. It is seen in our Sunday Church School teachers who invest long hours in preparing to teach their students. It is demonstrated by the people of the church, who consistently reach out to share their faith with those in physical, emotional or spiritual need. Most importantly, it is seen in our personal commitment to build excellent relationships with each other.

The Southern Baptist Church Praise and Worship Center is a place where you will find open doors, open hearts, and an open determination to pursue true excellence in ministry.


At the Southern Baptist Church Praise and Worship Center, the most crucial of all our activities is the time we spend in worship. It is central to our lives as a body of believers. When we gather every Sunday morning, our primary focus is not on ourselves but on our Lord. We join together to exalt Him, lifting our voices in praise and thanksgiving to the one who gives us life in all its fullness, as we were created to praise Him.

Worship services at Southern Baptist Church Praise and Worship Center are not dry, dull exercises. They’re potent and meaningful, enlivened with congregational praise singing, with the music of adult, senior, children, youth and young adult choirs; and with straightforward messages from God’s matchless Word. All of these activities are for the express purpose of worshipping God. He is, after all, the one in whom we place our trust. In reality, when we meet to worship, He is the audience and we are the participants giving Him praise.


The Southern Baptist Church Praise and Worship Center takes seriously its commitment to the building up of the body of Christ. This demands that we constantly recognize the tremendous diversity of gifts and abilities as well as pertinent needs, within our family of faith. We are immersed in a culture which exalts the individual and ignores personal responsibility. But here at Southern Baptist Church Praise and Worship Center our pattern is that of our Lord, who humbly ministered to the needs of His disciples, who then took their stewardship to a world in need. Rather than expecting the members of our body to fit into a predetermined program, our staff and able volunteers tailor the ministry of the church to fit the needs of our living, growing church community.

Just as a healthy body requires both challenge and refreshment, so the diverse ministries of Southern Baptist Church Praise and Worship Center offer growing believers the refreshment of mutual edification and the challenge of voluntary ministry in areas best suited to their gifts and abilities. Through dynamic interaction in our ministry groups and spiritual growth classes, as well as in programs geared to special segments of our fellowship, edification of the body of Christ is a vital part of life at the Southern Baptist Church Praise and Worship Center.


As Jesus met with His disciples for forty days following His resurrection, He instructed them concerning His future Kingdom - a Kingdom that they would continue to populate with new citizens. Most remarkably, He told them in Acts 1:8 that in order to accomplish this ongoing task, He would give them the indwelling power of His Spirit so they would not have to rely on their own limited strength. From there they took the good news of new life in Jesus to Jerusalem and Judea, to Samaria, and on to the uttermost parts of the world.

It is in this reliance on the power of God that Southern Baptist Church Praise and Worship Center presses ahead in its own role as salt and light in our community and culture, seeking to clearly hold forth the good news of the gospel. In the same way that the New Testament records the advance of the gospel to a variety of cultural and social situations, we at Southern Baptist Church Praise and Worship Center look for opportunities in our modern setting.

In domestic and foreign mission we endeavor corporately and individually doing all we can to lead others to Christ, then establishing them in their newfound faith.


As long as we live in this world, times of hardship and discouragement will catch up with us occasionally. That’s why finding your place at Southern Baptist Church Praise and Worship Center can-and will-make a wonderful difference in your life. As succeeding generations pass through our doors, one recurring theme is the comfort, the refuge, and the Christ-centered encouragement families and individuals find here during times of hardship, loss and personal struggles. This is indeed a church of friendship and joy!

What makes the difference? An atmosphere of understanding, of empathy, of support, of a mutual dependence on our Lord in every circumstance. By God’s grace, Southern Baptist Church Praise and Worship Center is filled with an atmosphere in which The God of all comfort comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble (2 Corinthians 1:3-4).

At Southern Baptist Church Praise and Worship Center you’ll find the ministry resources that not only can help you through specific times of difficulty, but will also offer encouragement as a way of life for you and those you love.


We believe there’s no greater stewardship entrusted to us than the responsibility of teaching God’s eternal Word. In our educational ministries at Southern Baptist Church Praise and Worship Center, the Bible is more than a storybook or a textbook-it is a life book. Whether our teachers and leaders are instructing children, youth or adults, our Christian Education leadership ensures that they are using methods and materials that convey the Bible in a style that is fresh, relevant and understandable.

For the younger ages, our Sunday Church School program extends well beyond the confines of the classroom to encourage children toward Christ likeness in their homes, their school, and their relationship with friend and peers. Similarly, our exciting and growing youth ministries are becoming throughout the community as a setting in which middle school and high school students can make crucial life decisions apart from negative peer influence, and without the pressure to conform to an artificial standard.

The mission of our youth and young adult ministries is to develop young people who are not ashamed of their Christian walk and sacrifice everything for the awesome will of Christ. Teaching them the importance of dealing with life situations, issues and accomplishments, before the devil uses them to destroy their lives. For this to be done our goal is to build young people who realize that the only way that they can succeed in this spiritual battle is to put God first. Matthew 6:33 says, But your heavenly Father already knows what you need and will give you those things, if you put Him first.

Our adult education opportunities range from Sunday Church School classes to week night Bible Study, Bible Institute, Women and Men’s ministries, workshops and seminars, and yearly retreats designed for spiritual growth, and identifying spiritual gifts. These various educational ministries have served to bring about a life changing experience in the lives of those who take advantage of what is being offered, giving them tools to live a victorious Christian life every day of the week.

The process of Christian education at Southern Baptist Church Praise and Worship Center is one of holding forth the Word of life in a way that transforms students into teachers, disciples into disciples, and seekers into guides.

The Southern Baptist Church Praise and Worship Center is a fellowship with a strong desire to please God through obedience to His Word, to be an effective ministry for our Lord by submitting to the Lordship of the living Lord Jesus Christ, and serving humanity. We seek the favor of our Lord in spiritual growth, numerical growth, and financial independence.

We thank God that He has a purpose and a plan for us, not to do us evil, but to do us good, to give us a future and a hope. (Jeremiah 29:11).