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Daughter’s of the Covenant Promise Women’s Ministry

Mission Statement

Women ministering to women to encourage deeper relationships with God and each other, providing Bible centered teaching, prayer and encouragement for spiritual growth.

Ministry Core Values

  • We believe that God ultimately desires relationship with us, and are committed to encouraging in women a heart for worship and a sensitive spirit to His presence. WORSHIP
  • We believe that God desires women to grow into His fullness and to become all that we were created to be as His bride. DISCIPLESHIP
  • We believe that God desires to grow our gifts and abilities to be used to build His kingdom and bless His people. MINISTRY
  • We believe that God has called us as believers to share the good news of the Gospel, lifting us Jesus Christ and glorifying God. OUTREACH
  • We believe that God has called us into community with one another and we are enriched by coming together in loving fellowship. FELLOWSHIP
  • We believe that God desires our best and are committed to a spirit of excellence in His kingdom (not perfectionism)!
  • We believe that God has created women with unique needs, desires and gifts and we are committed to ministering in specific ways to reach women in their uniqueness and to encourage a deepening of their relationship with Jesus.

Ministry Objectives

  • Spiritual maturity - Growing women up in the knowledge of the Lord.
  • Spiritual mothering - Following the Bible mandate - older women teaching the younger women.
  • Spiritual nurturing - Opportunities for developing relationships
  • Spiritual accountability - Providing opportunities for deeper levels of friendships and prayer partners.
  • Spiritual community - Providing a safe place for women to share their heart.
  • Spiritual connectedness - Encourage women to become involved at Southern Baptist Church Praise and Worship Center and use their gifting in Kingdom building

Daughter’s of the Covenant Promise Director - Pastor Eleanor Doom

Daughter’s of the Covenant Promise Director: Pastor Eleanor Doom