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Kharisma Children’s Ministry

kharisma children ministry

kharisma children ministry

Mission Statement

(Christ + Children = Ministry) The Kharisma Children’s Ministry exists to reach children under twelve for Christ at any cost. To connect them to the family of God, so that they may grow in grace and the knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We exist to help them discover their God given purpose, so that they may honor God in all that they say and do. 2 Peter 3:18 & Matthew 28:19-20

Ministry Focus & Mission

Reach lost (unsaved and/or unchurched) children (Evangelism)
Connect children to the family of God (Membership)
Grow and develop children into spiritual maturity (Discipleship)
Discover, help children to see that God has an area of ministry where they can serve (Ministry)
Honor, teach children that obedience is a lifestyle (Worship)

Meetings are held every other month (additional if needed to prepare for an event): Conference call or in person
We are in need of Volunteers to assist with special activities, fundraising, teaching assistants, and teachers!

Director - Sis. Christen Haylett

Director: Sis. Christen Haylett

Assistant Director - Sis. Tonya Rooker

Assistant Director: Sis. Tonya Rooker